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Selling your home? Should you paint it first?

Selling your house? What colour should you paint the interior and should you paint it at all?

Well, there’s no doubt that it’s a great time to sell your home but the real estate market is cooling off slightly. You need to do everything possible to make your home stand out and desirable. 

To help generate even more interest from potential buyers, there’s nothing like a fresh new coat of paint to give it a new look and feel. Not only does it change the look of your home but it helps cover up any scratches and dings that can hurt the appearance. 

Not painting may put you a slight competitive disadvantage. 

Not sure what colours to use?

Let your floors inspire you! Hardwood floors, going with a warm beige or linen shade will brighten the tone of the room. Carpeted? You might consider a cooler neutral to highlight the space.

Now, one thing to remember. This is not about you and your tastes. You’re trying to make you home appeal to the widest possible audience and lighter, more neutral colour schemes make spaces feel more open and inviting. Plus, giving the prospective buyer fewer design decisions makes the process that much easier. Neutral colours don’t offend and are kind to your senses. They also offer the potential buyers the ability to visualize their belongings in your home.

What type of paint?

When choosing the type of paint, opt for flat or semi-gloss finishes. They do a great job of hiding imperfections in the surfaces of your walls.

Which rooms you should paint?

You might be able to leave the kids rooms and your home office the colour they currently are, the entryway is an area that should definitely be addressed. The feeling buyers get when they first walk into your home could make or break that sale. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the entryway will breathe new life into the area and be inviting to any visitors.

And, if your house has an open-concept floor plan, be sure to tackle the the living room, kitchen, and any other rooms buyers can see immediately when they walk in too.

Above all, when you’re painting a house to sell, the two most important things are speed and quality. Going the professional painter route will not only get the job done fast, but the house will look amazing as well.

Thanks for reading and see you again for our next post!

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I am really impressed with the job that Alpha Painting completed for me. It was a rather large job and in my opinion was done how it should be. All of my belongings and floors were covered before any work began. The job was completed on time for a great price and everything was then cleaned up. The finished job was great and I will definitely recommend Alpha Painting.
Brandon. A
Home owner