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To Paint Brick or Not to Paint Brick?

That is the question.

Painting your exterior brick can be a simple yet effective way to give your home a fresh new look. There are many reasons why people paint their brick houses, but is it ever truly a good idea?

There are a few pros and cons to painting your exterior brick that should be considered before that first stroke is applied. There are some purists that are absolutely against painting brick so with that in mind we shall start with…


Trapped moisture can damage your brick.
It can also cause the paint to chip. Excess moisture is a legitimate concern with painted brick especially close to the ground. A basic repaint every 7-10 years can help to prevent this and the occasional repaint will also keep the exterior brick looking fresh and new. Use a professional company to paint your brick. They can usually spot any cracks or gaps that should be addressed as the painting unfolds. Choosing the right exterior paint is also important. It should be Ph-balanced. That will protect the brick while also allowing it to “breathe”.

A painted brick house will definitely need a good wash on occasion.
Painted brick is usually easier to clean than the typical natural brick Dirt and mildew are often more noticeable on painted exteriors. An occasional power washing can keep the brick looking fresh, bright and clean.

Painting brick is a often a permanent decision.
After you paint your brick house, you often can’t go back to the original brick exterior. Once brick is painted, it needs to stay painted. And though it can be done, the process of trying to remove paint from brick can be very costly. The benefit however… you can change the colour anytime you like!


Curb Appeal
When done correctly and maintained, painting brick can almost always increase curb appeal and therefore increasing your homes value! By painting your brick exterior, you’ll start to notice your front door and your windows more. This may cause you to add a bright front door colour or contrasting shutters to add even greater visual impact.

Provides Protection
Properly updated, new paint will act as a sealant from precipitation and other seasonal weather. It should however, be done by painters experienced in masonry.They’ll know the right paint to use and will often find and seal any cracks that could let moisture in with trained eye.

Easier to Keep Clean
Naturally porous, when brick is left unpainted, dirt and debris can become trapped and difficult to clear. The smooth surface that painted brick provides is much easier to clean with occasional power washing… but again, that is recommended to be done by a professional as to not damage/flake the paint.

A few tips to consider…
• Never paint molded, deteriorating, or chipped brick.
• Use the correct paint. 
• Hire professional painters with exterior experience.
• Consider smaller, less permanent exterior changes if you’re apprehensive.

So, should you paint your brick house?

The bottom line is unless you’re totally in love with your current brick exterior and it works well with some other nice design features, then why not? There can be great financial benefits and done properly, the new look would be stunning!

Thanks for reading and see you again for our next article… 

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